A Big Opportunity…

I love Fridays and today I am joyfully announcing something BIG!

I am eager to have you become a part of the journey.


I want to introduce you to Noonday Collection and let you in on a little secret.  I have finally become a Noonday Ambassador able to share the stunning products and amazing stories of the artisans from some of the most vulnerable places in the world including here in the states. This is an opportunity I could no longer ignore as I have known several ambassadors, watched the growth and outreach by founder, Jessica Honeger and also had the honor of meeting the beautiful and ever smiling artisans while in Ethiopia nearly two years ago in person.



Becoming a Noonday Ambassador will allow me the chance to share stories, introduce my friends and family to fashionable pieces we all love to pair with the perfect outfit, give back to those in need throughout the world and also earn funds for the work we are involved with in Ethiopia and beyond. It’s a win win win as I see it. Just this week I started wearing some of the sample pieces I have available for my trunk shows and EVERYWHERE I went people commented or asked. I’m telling you the craftsmanship and unique colors and pieces are just as unique as the stories of the artisans and the help you are providing.

American women play a special role in the world as we have great purchasing power. As wives, mothers, sisters and friends we are big gift givers and many of us do the majority of the shopping in our families. Noonday allows us to purchase with a purpose, restoring dignity where it is greatly needed. In addition, the pieces tend to look good with everything from a pair of favorite jeans and a chambray shirt to a fancy black dress for a special evening out. Most are timeless pieces and you too will be receiving many questions and compliments.

Here is how it works… I have a noonday website all set up to allow you to learn more, shop or perhaps set up a trunk show with me. The trunk show option is certainly the best way to really share stories and get a good look at many of the pieces in person but I realize that many of us want to shop online too. I get it.  I would ask that you help me spread the word about my noonday site. That way if you wish to purchase but I am not close enough to come your way to host a trunkshow, I will still receive credit for your purchase and as you know I have many places to put that money to work during my February 2015 trip to Ethiopia.

Please know that I will not be chasing you down to beg you to host a trunk show. It’s just not me and I do not want you to feel pressure to purchase or schedule a show. But I will say that a trunk show is so much fun and lends a deep satisfaction to a group of friends sharing wine and cheese some evening. We can dig deep into the stories of the women and some men whose lives have been changed now that they have a purpose and a career to support themselves and often their families.  You will also receive a percentage of merchandise for hosting.

So let’s chat. Share your thoughts. Which pieces made you drool? Are you curious about a trunk show? Let me know and please spread the word. Anyone anywhere can purchase from my site and together what an impact we will make!

Happy shopping and TGIF,