A Budding Friendship…

We were very late arriving for our play date with Miss Abby and her momma. Ava was a wild child and needed her bottle before we could depart and then I had to pull over in order to focus on my sweet friend and her fears of leaving her family to travel to Ethiopia for their very first meeting of her daughter.   Abby was ready for Ava but not so sure about Ava ‘s lickety split crawl. Watching the girls watch each other was priceless. Two little Hannah’s Hope sweeties who made it home to their forever families. I think Kristi and I spent most of our {short} time talking about the girl’s hair and what we feel is our next calling in terms of Ethiopia. It is such a blessing that our families live near one another and our kiddos go to the same elementary school.

I only managed to get a few shots of the girls as they were not always in the same place at once. Abby was guarding her paccie and showing off her dance moves and Ava was loving crawling under the highchair to see what little treasures she might find. Yup gross I know!  I am so excited these little girls will have one another as they grow up. We can already tell that they are both little spitfires. Look out world… this friendship is just getting started!

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