A couple of crazy boys…

Yesterday was the last day of school before a ten day break. It was wild around here so I  thought I might share a few photos just to document our crazy. First graders had pj and wacky hair day and needed to bring a favorite book to read and also a pillow to relax. Third grade celebrated wacky hair day and the fifth graders had beach day. So here we are all gearing up to head out of town on vacation and in the middle of all the laundry and packing I am searching for hair goo and swim goggles.

It is a blessing to be raising four amazing kiddos. There are days when we wonder if we will survive the madness but somehow we all seem to make it through. Life is beautiful and my four kids remind me every day that I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams to be their Mom!

We were trying to go for the U of M look but the gold did not show up too well on this sweet blondie.

Oh sweet Carter… He is turning out to have such a zany sense of humor and his looks can make you completely crack up. My favorite thing is the freckle on his ear lobe.

Here’s pj boy showing off his pipes… Please note all his missing teeth. He looks a but like a pirate these days.

We have waited many cold months for a few days of semi-warmth and sunshine. Basketball and soccer dominate the scene in our front yard. I never did snap a picture of  beach boy but it was a bit too busy around here with friends and neighbors all playing major soccer in our front yard. The evenings are so much more fun when we know there is no school in the morning!

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  1. Jean
    Jean says:

    Melanie and can’t tell you enough times,how much I love to follow your blog,and Facebook.
    This one especially, with adorable Ava and 2 teeth, and your
    amazing boys growing like weeds! I get such a thrill out of it all,it makes me laugh!
    I so admire your Faith,it is do obvious you are a God loving person in every sense.
    I surely hope you and your family find your way back to East. In spite of everything,it is still “our” church. I really believe Karen Stokes is the shot in the arm we’ve needed..hope you will
    come see for yourselves. Great sermons.
    Can that darling little Ava get any cuter?????

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hey Jean:
      I just got this message from you. Thank you for all your heartfelf words. I think we will all see you this Sunday.
      So many things have rearranged me in the last few years. I am grateful to God for the call to adopt.
      Peace and blessings,

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