A few firsts

A new baby in the house is such fun. Owen is only six and yet I feel that I have fogotten much of the exhiliration of the many first. This past weekend in West Michigan we had our first snowfall. The big wet white falkes even stuck around for a few hours, causing all the kids to run around dreaming of sledding and snoball fights. Ava was out with Daddy on a walk when the snow began to fall and she was just a starring with her big dreamy eyes. A few flakes even landed on her mile long lashes but I was not quite quick enought to capture it. Here are a few pictures to remember Ava’s first snow…

Today Ava sat in the tub without her tub seat and just sat so well. She had one tumble over but she was loving being a bit more free in the tub. She is a splashing machine and you forget how one little person can make such a wild mess. She just propels herself around via her legs a kickin and her little arms a moving.

ONE more big ONE. This week our eldest son, age 10 lost a tooth and today I was wiping away yet another pile of drool and finally realized that one little tooth had made its way through Ava’s gums. Yippeeeee! Can’t wait until the drooly moments are gone.