A fresh year with a fresh blog…

There was this sweet new layer of snow covering our ground today and every time I glanced outside I could see trees covered in fresh white fluff, just enough to make everything glisten perfectly. The giant flakes landed with a ease filling the woods with a chill.

I stayed home all day… I rarely do that but these days I am finding myself craving the quiet moments of one on one with my kiddos, rocking Ava during her feedings and the time to reflect on the year we have just closed. Whew! It sort of makes my head spin and yet I am not surprised that after the whirling stops a big grin apppears. It was quite simply a remarkable year and one to remember for a lifetime. It is the not so obvious reasons why I am compelled to share that. It’s the little joys and the small accomplishments that will help me to treasure 2010 like no other. It was the research time and having travel open my eyes  to the world like never before. It was the friends who inspired me and us as a family, it was the ability to learn that I am being called beyond only motherhood to a world in need by way of my blogging and new connections.  It was the connections to family that left me sometimes challenged and often fulfilled. It was God’s grace shining down all around me every day.

So here we are entering a fresh year with new ideas and new challenges before us . What will you be inspired to take on in the year 2011?  My news is just around the corner as is my launch of this fresh new blog. I hope you like it and thanks for sharing in the beautiful awesome life with me!