A glorious week

Here is southern Michigan we are on week two of amazing sushine and leaves that look like they have been painted on the trees. It is as if a child were given many shades of gold, magenta, crimson and orange and told to finger paint until their heart’s content. It is truly spectacular! During our winter months many of us crave the sunshine so we have all been taking it all ina nd enjoying every moment of the warm and sunny days. I am actually sitting here thinking that my kid will roll in soon (not my pick up day in the carpool) and remind me that they could have worn shorts today. The mornings are crisp but the afternoons have really been heating up.

We spent our weekend enjoying the outdoors while three boys each had a soccer game. With four kiddos we divide and conquer on Saturdays but it is a challenge we both enjoy. We have help too from grandparents and this year two of our guys are playing with a league who has a home field right here in our neighborhood. It doesn’t get any easier than that. They ride scooters to practice and frankly I love the sense of independence it provides. They do too. Here’s a few pics of our full fall weekend.

Working hard on the throw in…

Little Miss A sporting her first Uof M shirt. Grandpa gave her a few snuggles as he is a die hard Michigan fan.

Our little pumpkin was so cahrming on Sunday even without her nap as we visited everyone’s favorite orchard, Robinettes. They have quite the following here in GR.

Here she is with her curious eyes. She watches everything and seems to take it all in. I have photos of all three boys sitting right here in front of ginormous pumpkins. So much fun to be going through these baby stages again.

One kiddo is now awake in her crib and two kiddos just returned home from school. Time to get outside and enjoy our sunshine and warmth. Of course I will take the camera and hope I get lucky while they play. These fall days make my heart sing!