A grateful heart…

This week was big! So many blessings to count and so many blessings I want to remember each day. Some days I wish I could take more photos or actually take better photos to document the many doings in our lives, the forward motion of our children or the tough days when we wish we could wake up and begin again.   We lead such full lives rich in opportunities and my heart is heavy with gratitude during this week of Thanksgiving. Such a day seems to mean more to me know more than ever!

I am grateful for the friendships my children have. We took a group of friends rollerskating for Hayden’s 10th birthday and had so much fun zooming around to the cheesy music.

My heart is grateful for Grandparents and the presence in the lives of our children!

I am thankful for the ever developing open mind and giving heart I see in my children. For Hayden’s party we asked that those attending consider bringing a gift of new or gently used shoes to share with the more than 300 million people (primarily children) who have no shoes around the world. This child was totally excited about collecting shoes and forgoing gifts. I love his heart!

On Thanksgiving day Bob said our prayer before dinner and said this, “I am grateful for my three sons and how they have embraced and accepted Ava into our family so generously and graciously.” Yes they have been so supportive of her and she has brought more joy than we could have know to our home.

I am thankful for Ethiopia and the many ways being there twice this year has changed my heart!

I am thankful for SPONSORSHIP! WE sponsor this wonderful child (who is almost grown up) from Korah and it is the most amazing feeling to know that we are giving so that he might have HOPE and feel our LOVE and learn about how GOD LOVES HIM! God is using us to change the life of this child right there in his own Ethiopia.
Change a life just one child at a time!

I am grateful for a heart that is called to SERVE. In the bustle of life we often forget that we need to be living to serve one another. I want to BE THE CHANGE not just hope and pray for change.

Last weekend we were able to serve Thanksgiving dinner to those in great need who live of the streets of our own community. Our children loved it and begged to do it again. We learned that people are people and that although we all are dealt a different set of circumstances we all desire the same basic need for food, shelter, love, attention, a warm touch or a kind smile.

I am most grateful for FAMILY!

We shared a simple Thanksgiving together with Bob’s Mom and Uncle and my Dad and of course each other. It was a splendid and casual day of games, football, feasting and just being together. I would be nothing without my family to share it with.

The Christmas season is now upon us and I am grateful for the birth of a dear babe born in a manager who was sent to bring us grace, mercy, forgiveness and HOPE. Peace and blessings to you and yours!