A Little Brother’s Big Day…

God works in very mysterious ways… It was a very big day for our littlest boy. Owen is six and just this week announced that he wished he were eleven. He struggles with his role and has since he was young. Being the youngest of three boys all very close in age can be so challenging at times. He is a tough little nut and strives to be just like his two older brothers in every way. He does not want to miss a thing and has always been ahead of the curve with his physical coordination and his ability to catch on very quickly in every situation. Today was his day!

He placed the car on the track and headed for the end to watch the results. His reaction was priceless… He simply stood up, reached for his car and high-fived his buddies as he moved to the top of the track to race again. Each heat included four races. Of course he has his results memorized and it melted my heart to hear him compliment the friends from his troop. Owen’s car was FAST!  Sweet Owen’s flushed cheeks told the story that only God could orchestrate… He was the winner of the fastest car for his Tiger group. I am telling you friends, after the struggles we has this week, Owen needed the confidence of the win. He was out of the shadows of two older brothers and walking the front line of  determination and tenacity that was properly channeled.

How can you not adore how boys love cars from such a young age? We win some and we lose some but this win for our dear Owen felt so amazing. See for yourself…

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  1. Janice
    Janice says:

    Way to go Owen!!! We are so happy for you – you deserved the limelight! And thanks for being a great friend to your den mates. Seth certainly understands the “Big Brother Shadow”. I think boy #3 in any family is a special kid. OK, they all are but being 3rd comes with extra patience, bravery and cuteness!

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