A Mom on a Mission {Shine your Light}


If you are a Mom like me I am guessing you know oh so well exactly what I am talking about when I rattle off these words… taxi driver, chef, attorney, teacher, psychologist, event planner and traffic cop. Never let it be said that we Moms do not wear many hats and not only do we wear them but we often look good doing it. We work hard to keep our families running smoothly. We bring love, joy and peace offerings to the table each and every day and then we rise the next morning and do it all over again. I love my priority as Mom. There is little I would ever change and feel so richly blessed that God chose me to serve him through raising a family and growing up four precious kiddos to eventually don their own hats.  But what I have come to understand is that I am not unique in wanting to further strengthen our family by showing them the ways I have been called to be wear a new hat. That hat is one of a missionary mom. The adoption of our daughter from Ethiopia has been the three year long catalyst of enhancing my faith to see that I am being called to leave my safe sanctuary of home and to go and be love, hope and peace in the world. For me the call is to head back to Ethiopia, but the role of missionary Mom might take you only as far as your neighbors door or down the block.

So what does that look and feel like? Well it is strange for starters… but strange in a good way and strange in a way that makes me ask daily how I will manage the many balls God has me juggling.  I drop them often and then I regroup to hear the words of Jesus in the gospel of Luke, ” From everyone whom much has been given, much much will be demanded. (Luke 12:48) I find myself sounding like a broken record but when I truly take inventory of my crazy beautiful and very imperfect life I laugh outloud and then say, “Yes God I hear you and I will go. Send me.” I simply cannot deny that my heart has been torn wide open for the Fatherless and that as a Christian Mom I am now more than ever want to positively engage in this broken world rather than to retreat and focus soley on my own world. I now need to take a stand from curiosty and move from being passive into being active.

Please please do not misunderstand my heart. I have the same fears you do about leaving your family but through prayer and so much dialogue with others with similar hearts,I know that my example of a missional Mom can change the world not only throughout the world but directly within my own family. I now more than ever feel that living the good life means pouring out my life, my listening ear, my time and my hands to others.

Join me on this journey to Ethiopia. You will see that wearing the hat of missional mom is transformational.   What will come home with you from Ethiopia is a heart that is broken for what breaks God’s heart. He is calling me is HE calling you.? All you need to do is say yes and trust me when I say God will handle the rest.