A Must See Video to Share…

One of the greatest gifts in working through our wonderful adoption agency,All God’s Children International, has been meeting families who are truly the salt of the earth. Most of the families who have gone before us in adoption or who are waiting to know who is intended for their families,  have been so instrumental in helping us grow in our faith journey. We had the delight of traveling twice to Ethiopia with the same families, first to meet our little ones and then three weeks later to bring our children home.  One family we traveled with was the Burleigh family and we absolutely love the story of how God called them to bring home a son. With three little girls waiting for a brother, you will see that little Markos is the perfect fit and rounds out their home.

The Burleighs stepped out in faith and just yesterday stepped out again to share their story with others at their church. Watch their Gotcha Video and be ready to weep when you see their darling son. We look so forward to planning a time when all our families can reunite. Watching the children who have come home from Hannah’s Hope Ethiopia grow up will be great fun over the years. As a family we strive to share the story of Ethiopia, a country we fell in love with and a country where so many more children wait to find their forever families and their forever homes.

So many sweet faces below… Thank you Burleighs for sharing your touching story. Hug that dear boy of yours and all your smiling girls too.

Markos Gotcha Video from Kristin on Vimeo.