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What a year it has been for our family and we are pleased to announce that we will be returning to Ethiopia, both myself and my fifth grade son, to love and serve the many orphans who remain without someone to call their own. After two week long trips to Ethiopia last summer to bring our daughter home and all the exploration and learning I could cram into each visit, a piece of my heart remains behind and I am being called to return. We will head to Ethiopia with open hearts to learn exactly what Jesus meant by showing mercy and love- “Go and learn what this means.” Matthew 9:13.

We will be joining a team from Visiting Orphans from February 17-27th in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our days will be filled with orphanage visits throughout Central Ethiopia where we will minister to, help, hold and play with those children who need love, touch and laughter the most.

We will spend three days in the Korah trash dump just outside of Addis Ababa. Even those who live in Ethiopia do not visit Korah. For many years Korah has been a place where those who have leprosy and other severe health conditions and are extremely poor have migrated. Many are forced to spend hours every day searching for sustenance in the trash dump as the trucks come in. It is like nothing I have ever seen before yet I can not explain how eager I am to get back to Korah. I saw such poverty and hardship yet the people of Korah were so endearing and spiritual.   They worshiped with a passion that was inspiring and I met so many dear children who need interaction and play and the chance to attend school through the sponsorship program we are a part of through Project 61.

Our team will also be partnering with TOM’s shoes in the rural area of Holeta to conduct a shoe drop where we will be blessed with the privilege of bringing 3000 pair of shoes to those who have never owned shoes before. Can we even imagine not having so much as one pair of shoes and walking nearly four hours to the closest water source?

We will visit the street children I loved so and numerous orphanages to look for ways we can love and help to improve living conditions.

God has placed an unexpected compassion in my heart for the orphan, the least and the lost, the children who struggle so in the world and serving in Ethiopia is nothing short of a dream. Would you like to join Hayden and I as we seek to open our hands and hearts, just as Jesus did, to those in Ethiopia? You too can be the change we all wish to see in the world!

Would you please consider partnering with us through prayer, encouragement and financial support. The cost  for our trip will be $3000 each. We greatly appreciate any financial support you can provide and please know that we will updating you from Ethiopia and you too will be bringing hope, joy and love to the orphan across the world.

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  1. Sally Haddad
    Sally Haddad says:

    I am so excited for you and your son. What an awesome experience it will be for him. Oh how I wish I could join your group. I am just dying to get back there and help others.

  2. Shanny D
    Shanny D says:

    Melanie and Hayden,

    I am so thrilled the two of you will journey together back to Ethiopia. To see with your own eyes makes all the difference in the heart. I look forward to sharing stories when you return. You are in my thoughts and prayers but mostly living each and every day in my heart.

  3. rachel
    rachel says:

    oh melanie…i knew you couldn’t stay away from ethiopia for long. how i love your heart for those sweet children young and old. praying for you as you return.

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