a new year with a new challenge…

We are ten days into the new year and this week has presented it’s share of challenges. I had a minor ankle surgery on the 6th which did not exactly go as planned. I guess that comment is a bit humorous because things generally never go as planned when it comes to health stuff and me. UGH! So I had the surgery on Wednesday and I was told I would be in a walking boot and should be just fine to walk and drive in a few days. Fat chance! Today is Sunday and I am ever grateful for the gorgeous view out of my bedroom window since lying her is all I have been able to accomplish! I’m wearing a walking cast for 1-2 weeks and all would be fine except last night I pulled something crazy in my lower back and now I am fighting with that pain too. Ahh the joy of aging!

What I am trying to do is see the bright side. I have caught up on email and some blogging. I have a recent photo session nearly edited, I have spent great couch time with my children and we even managed a bit of piano and reading practice. I have read several chapters in a new book and had time to do a bit of writing. This giant black boot and achey back should be considered a gift but let’s get real. I need to be on the move, cleaning something or driving someone somewhere or perhaps I should be out shopping for this week’s meals. It is a challenge to give up what we think we do best. It is a challenge to let Bob do it all. I feel badly and wish for him to have a few minutes of down time to himself. Thanks to all who have helped out over the past few days. Such generosity is amazing! Now I just have to get it all straight in my head and realize that I do not have the control and like Bob keeps reminding me… “This too shall soon pass!”

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