A precious package…

I saw the UPS truck round the corner and my heart began to beat just a little faster. Will today be the day of the delivery, I wondered as I continued to watch my kids and their friends racing around the yard. The driver stopped and placed it in my hands. I felt a bit weak in the knees. So much energy, exploration and prayer and yet it was such a small box. I checked the return address to be sure and yes, it was indeed the package I was so eagerly anticipating.

We have taken on the role of becoming Sponsorship Coordinators of a Connect Community Carepoint  in Awassa, Ethiopia. Are you are scratching your head asking what is a Connect Community Carepoint? Let me explain.  Both Bob and myself have entered into a partnership with Children’s Hopechest in order to give at least 150 kids from a very vulnerable and destitute community in Ethiopia a hope and a future through sponsorship. The Chapa Connect Community needs our community and individuals to partner with them to sponsor a child monthly to change the future for one and perhaps even a future for the entire community.

It’s a big commitment…  and I ask myself will 150 families come forward to change the life of a child in Ethiopia?

So you might still be wondering what was inside my hghly anticipated box. Pictures of children… young children, some wearing mere rags with only one parent living. Children, with hardened faces listed as vulnerable or orphaned. Children with beautiful Ethiopian nmes. Children who have hopes and dreams. The box was filled with profile cards of each of the precious children who have been identified as needing help in the Chapa community. The profile cards melt me and I find myself dreaming about my trip {and possibly yours} this coming February to Awassa, Ethiopia where I can meet each one of the children who arrived on a card in a box and show them all that they are loved. I long to bring them a hope and a future and to know each one by name.

I am dreaming big… I know,  but the opportunity has been set before me and I know that those in my community of family, friends, adoptive families, neighborhood, church, school, business and even mere acquaintences who often ask me how they can get involved, will show up to be the change for one. We can all begin with one.  Let’s dream big together and see how the connection of community to community can transform and renew the lost, the least and the broken.

Sponsorhsip ROCKS!

Please contact me if you and your family are interested in sponsoring a child or if I might answer any questions.

Peaece and Grace,