A Precious Song

A friend posted this recently and after hearing the words I knew it was worth a share. No matter the age or circumstance of children in your life this is a must listen. Amy Grant so eloquently shares the heart of a parent or frankly anyone who comes to deeply love and help grow up a child. These words particularly resonant today as we are struggling daily with our son. We just want what is best for him everyday to feel healthy and capable in school and at home. I find myself more and more humbled in the role of parent. Sometimes I am downright helpless.  In the times of opposition, those I hate school moments I find myself drained and wishing I had more tools in my belt.  But somehwere in all the struggles God is trying to teach me something. Of that I can be sure. There always seems to be a big storm before the knowledge and answers come.

So each time I leave the room I must continue to allow God to direct my steps as a Mom and the heart and soul of my child and children. On the days we are drained and wondering how and what to say I will seek him even more to make the path straight. It will never be perfect but His grace and daily reknewal is always enough.

Grab a kleenex or two…


Peace and Grace on the Journey,