A Season of Change…

What is it about change? Why do I crave it and fear it at the same time?  As we wind up our school year and prepare to roll into summer I am reminded just how many  changes are on our horizon… We move into summer, everyone home and everyone having to cooperate and be fllexible (something not always easy for my clan) so that I can meet the needs of a toddler right on up to a 7th grader (next year) Gulp!  I wonder how I will do it well, keeping boundaries and some sense of control around here.  Yet summer is so freeing and carefree and we look forward to lazy mornings and balmy evenings where we can let the night unfurl without feeling the pull to make sure all our kiddos get plenty of rest before an early school morning. It will be wonderful to deviate from our school year routine, but like all things new I wonder what our summer routine will look like.  Miss Ava will need to function with all her brothers by her side all day. She loves to tag along with them so life will likely be more challenging as we figure out what she can and cannot do with her big bros. She is savvy and social so I can see her flitting around our cal-de-sac to hang out with all the kids. She knows them all by name and already as a fresh two year old, begs to be outside with “all the kids Mommy?” Here she is sporting the bikini our friend handed down and we had more fun cracking up during her wardrobe malfunctions last weekend. Just like her three bog brothers this girl simply loves to be outside.







I have been nesting like crazy as our school year winds down, finding ways to be more efficient and ways to help the boys keep track of their weekly schedules. We have camps and fun outings planned and we are working to have them have a better handle on what they need to do each day to help out. I made a command station of sorts (thank you Pinterest)  and now each of the boys have their own dry erase calendar. We’ll see if it works.  I am a firm beleiver that as a stay at home Mom one of the biggest responsibilites is to teach our kids to be responsible and helpful even though I am here and willing to do most of the work.  We need our four kids to be doing there part and learning how contirbuting to our big family makes a difference.

The biggest change on the horizon is my return (a quick trip of sorts) to Ethiopia to help support Tadesse in his meeting with the Ethiopian Government for his Visa. It sounds crazy with our big family but once again our exceptional village will step in and  the trip makes perfect sense for what we believe should happen next with Tadesse. We are hoping and praying to embrace him and welcome him into our home when we fly home together at the end of June.

So the countdown in underway… four more days of school and then summer begins and two more weeks before I am on a plane bound for Ethiopia and the arms of a boy we have dreamed of adding to our family this summer. It’s crazy good stuff and we love every minute of the challenge, faith and fun this new season will bring. Bring on summer!