adoption timeline

  • 08/28/10 Our daughter is HOME!
  • 6/28/10 Our first travel court date!
  • 5/14/10 We are told we will be the first official family to travel twice to Ethiopia.
  • 5/12/10 All referral paperwork in. Now we wait for court date.
  • 5/5/10 We get our referral call!
  • 4/8/10 We are number 7 on the girl’s list
  • 3/5/10 We are number 10 on the girl’s list.
  • 2/7/10 We are number 13 on the girl’s list
  • 01/07/10 We are number 17 on the girl’s list.
  • 12/06/09 We move down the list to number 21.
  • 10/15/09 We move down the list to number 37.
  • 09/15/09 We begin as number 44 on the wait list for a girl.
  • 09/09/09 We are on the ETHIOPIA List! Yippee!
  • 08/27/09 Our Ethiopia dossier is mailed in. Now we can finally get on the wait list!
  • 07/27/09 had our social worker here again for the redo home study UGH!
  • 07/18/09 receive dossier binder and begin the paperchase once again
  • 07/03/09 Agency Paperwork mailed to begin the process again but this time in Ethiopia!
  • 07/01/09 Termination of Our Dossier in Nepal
  • 06/29/09 I contact our agency to discuss our options in changing programs. It was a difficult day to give up on the Nepal dream.
  • 01/23/09 All dossier documents submitted to our agency to be mailed to Nepal
  • 01/20/09 Nepal home study is complete!
  • 08/10/08 We sign initial contracts to adopt through AGCI.

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