All in the Family… {a night with friends}

We topped off the night with two games of All in the Family. You all start by choosing a person or character that you wish to be. You write it down, the names are collected and read aloud. From there we travel around the circle to guess who is who. If you guess a person correctly that person becomes a member of your family ot team. The last person to not be guessed it the winner. Tonight we had Sharkboy and Piers Morgan who ended up stumping is all and winning the game.  Play it over Thanksgiving and I promise you and yours will be cracking up. It’s a hoot.

We were so blessed to have our friends here this evening and between two families we had 10 kids all hanging out, playing ping pong, sharing high schools stories and college dreams and more.  Our families share many similarities from a passion for changing children’s lives through sponsorship with Children’s Hopechest and the redemption we have all experienced firsthand through the gift of adoption. We had four nations represented… Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda and America and it was super cool to watch all the kids interact. They are all here in America through different means, adoption, student visa and parents who immigrated and it was so awesome to see their lives and their hearts today.

I was reminded again tonight just how much Africa has changed our hearts. The last six weeks have been so eye opening and we have seen so many signs of the direction we are to head as a family and I feel such deep gratitude for the awareness that Africa has brought to our lives.  I am grateful God chose us to shepard two African children in need of family and I am grateful for the connections to similar families living with diversity of backgrounds, race, cultures and more. It is not always easy but without a doubt it is always interesting. All the strength needed to endure and trust the unknown has come directly from God and our family is so much stronger for constantly relying on His grace and His peace.

Our amazing Crew!
Three African Beauties…
Abraham LIncoln, Michael Jackson or Yelvis...
Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jackson or Yelvis?
Fast friends...
Fast friends…



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