So there were two sweet little boys who recently arrived at Hannah’s Hope in Ethiopia. They are orphaned due to a father who left the family and severe poverty. Now I have to say they are cute and I mean cute! As the mother of three rambunctious boys, I found myself saying to myself of course, what is two more? The sheer noise of five boys would probably send me right over the edge but I have to say the boys called to my heart. All God’s Children did not have a family ready to accept two boys, ages 2 and 4 so they sent out an email to all the families wait listed for the Ethiopia program. The buzz was amazing and within hours we were all talking about and advocating for the right family to step forward. I kept checking email just to hear if there were changes and as an answer to many people’s prayers, a family who was wait listed to adopt one boy within 6-8 months stepped forward. They were touched by the spirit of the two boys shining through in their photo. The boys have a home!!! This is big news. Even bigger is the question that the family is now asking. Where will we find 10k in 10 days to be able to accept the referral of the boys. What a commitment and what a leap of faith. I do not know them personally but they inspire me. They inspire us all to have courage and faith even when the boat feels rocky. We will pray for the money to come, blending a family into six and saving two sweet and smiley little boys who just want to remain together and be loved.