An AGCI Ethiopia Update

So often we are asked about our adoption agency, and I find I cannot say enough good things about them. I also cannot say enough wonderful things about the families that are adopting through our agency. I thought I would share here a recent update about the thriving Ethiopia program. The number of families adopting is certainly growing and that is excellent news. It is great fun to hear about new paperwork, referrals, upcoming court dates and families who are on their way to pick up their sweet babes. Now that we have come this far in the process we are always so eager to encourage other families to consider adoption. So take a look at these numbers. They are looking good…

Family and Referral Update

  • Families Home: 9 families have returned home with their children from Ethiopia since our last update
  • Waiting for Travel: 6 families are in Ethiopia this week and 14 families are currently awaiting travel or in the court process
  • Referrals: 1 infant girl, 1 infant boy, 2 toddler boys, and 2 toddler girls
  • Waiting for Girl Referrals: 49 families waiting for a referral of a girl
  • Waiting for Boy Referrals: 32 families waiting for a referral of a boy
  • Waiting for Sibling Referrals: 18 families waiting for a sibling referral
  • Families Working on Dossier: 64 families working on their dossiers
  • New Families: 4 families new to the program. Welcome!
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