An eventful evening of Ethiopian art

What a wonderful evening Bob and I shared last night. We were invited in a round about way to an art auction with all proceeds headed to Ethiopia to benefit very poor and impoverished Ethiopian communities through Stephanie Timmerman, a resident and artist, living here in Grand Rapids, MI has been traveling to Ethiopia and aiding children in early education through art. She teaches what she knows and in 2006 decided to bring the beautiful works of art home to be auctioned off to generate funds to build schools. Tesfa has built five schools in five years within Ethiopia, and with one of the lowest literacy rates in the world, Ethiopian children truly need help and intervention to create any educational opportunities. Search Art Aide International to see how Stephanie is making a difference in the lives of Ethiopian children.

So we entered Stephanie’s lovely home and oohed and ahhed over the amazing works of art complete with photos of each child who created the piece. It was so cool to see all their work framed and lining the walls of such a gorgeous home. It reminds you what each one of us can do, even children, when they are given instruction, kindness and resources. We were of course eager to peruse the art but both Bob and I found ourselves immediately drawn to the photos of the darling children. Most of the children looked proud to hold up a small sign stating their names and although they exist in conditions most of us cannot begin to imagine, they were happy and smiling. Most of the Ethiopian students are part of a school previously built by Tesfa and now they have the chance to change the statistics that plague most third world countries. Each guest was encouraged to bid on art and also encouraged to purchase wine vouchers with all the money helping the cause. It was a well done event. . It just goes to show that although the world is big and sometimes feels like an overwhelming mess, we all can make a difference somehow. How will I make a difference in the life of another is what I kept thinking as we walked to our car, Ethiopian artwork in hand. What will you do to make a difference in the life of a another be it here in the streets and neighborhoods of the United States or maybe somewhere in the hills of Ethiopia, or the valleys of Mongolia or the mountains of Nepal?