and so this is Christmas…

Today during a Christmas pageant while watching all the sweet little angels sing, my close friend turned to me and said, “Mel you are going to have one of those.” I nodded and smiled but could hardly catch my breath as I took in the power of her words. She is right I think. 🙂 At some point we hope to add a little girl to our world of three boys all dressed as shepherds. Perhaps next year we will have three boys all dressed as shepherds and one sweet Ethiopian girl dressed as an angel, silver halo and all.

We adopted a family for Christmas and I chuckled as I began to read down the list and noticed three boys and one girl. Of course I can shop for boys, but you should have seen all of us today combing the aisles for clothes and gifts for a six year old girl. I was like a lost soul, a person visiting a foreign land. Trying to make sense of sizing and which Polly Pocket gets the best reviews was simply hilarious. All four boys (husband included) all just smiled as I held up each item searching for approval. I think our adopted family will be very pleased this year and we will be eager to deliver all the many gifts we selected together.

Bob and I had a night out over the weekend and used some of our time to wrap up a few stops we needed to make for final gifts. Two of our boys will be receiving ipods this year as we try to get them more interested in music. While enjoying all the flash and furry at the Apple store Bob looks over at me and announces, “OK you can pick the color of the ipods if I can pick her name.”
As if that is an equal pick. Ha! Needless to say we chose the ipod colors together.

And just what will our Christmas look and feel like next year?

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  1. "Indescribable"
    "Indescribable" says:

    caught my breath reading your blog today – you will look back to that moment possibly next year and see your little one on the alter in the Christmas show, and you'll get all filled up with joy and love and tears and people around you might notice or they may be in their own emotional zone – as this is what happens when our families grow b/c we follow His steps! blessings to you on your journey!

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