And we’re off…

We are waiting at the gate ready to head to DC this afternoon and then on to Ethiopia with our team tomorrow morning. It was a chaotic morning, fitting it all in but as a team We all made it happen:

Bob shortened his day- Hayden ran all over the house collecting final items- I wrapped up laundry and lists and love notes for all my boys- Carter and Owen are still sick but they did a good job laying low and being helpful when they could- Ava well she played like a little trouper and then napped her head off for nearly three hours so Mom could finalize trip details and actually get ready- Bob did his usual watching of the clock and loading us all up so we would be at the airport on time.

It was a great performance from Team Strobel and I am so proud of all we do to unite as a family when we are trying to meet everyone’s needs. Taking Hayden to Ethiopia is truly a dream come true and when the ticketing agent asked Hayden if he wouldn’t rather be headed to Disney World he replied, “Oh no. I am really glad I am going to Ethiopia.” Melt me heart this child. He is a gift and helped me through some tough tears as we all said goodbye at the security gate. My crew deserved a fun break so they were off to TCBY. A little frozen yogurt heals all things.  Carter will need lots of extra prayers. He was very emotional before we left and was not sure if he should be silly or cry. I love that boy’s caring heart!

I will miss them all and all our crazy family moments. Lots of love and prayers to all of you for your messages of love and support. Off to Chicago and then on to DC where we overnight and hook up with the others members of our team. I truly cannot wait to see what God is gonna do with this team on this trip. Stay tuned… It’s gonna be BIG and we look forward to sharing our updates and plenty of photos while on the ground in ETHIOPIA!

Here we are sporting our new shirts at the airport before our big departure. The shirts arrived just in time for our trip. Check out Creator Designs if you want to make groovy t -shirts for fundraising. If you have already placed an order I’ll be shipping them when we return. Peace and Love to you all!