Another Overnight Delivery

OK so somewhere between filling out four or five different financial worksheets during dossier #1 and dossier #2, we made some kind of big error. I think we gave our financial planner the wrong form or somehow he printed out the form we had used for Nepal which of course is different from the form Ethiopia requires. You see there is no uniform process to adoption papers. That would make it far too easy and give we families nothing to require our thinking caps or organizational skills. So here we sit on pins and needles last week just waiting to hear from Julie with our number on Friday afternoon. Oh yeah I think I forgot to mention that she only reviews the dossiers on Fridays and she only reviews them if all the documents are in her hot little hand. So we worked hard and pushed hard to have everything at AGCI by last Friday. It was all there, so we thought. So when the phone rang late in afternoon I was so excited to hear Julie’s voice on the other end. We were headed out for a night downtown with the kids to have dinner and take photos. The news of our place in line would be icing on the cake of a very nice family day. Not so fast! Julie informed us that we did not complete the correct document for one of the required financials. WHAT? Her news hit hard. “That cannot be right. You have everything you could possibly need on us and what about the four page document spelling out everything about our financial status.?” Well that my friends is for the home study and even if we were able to mail the correct document, notarized of course, right away, Julie would have to wait to give us a number. AHHHHH! I hung up and fought back a few tears as Bob stood nearby shaking his head. He was kind in not pointing out my mistake. He is one of the few people I can talk to about how nuts all these documents become. The blend together, taking on a life of their own and soon I am so mixed up I cannot see straight. It took me a few days to even get this down on paper. Of course by now the correct form has been filled out, printed, signed and notarized and today I made yet another contribution to the United States Postal System. Overnighting these crazy papers has become my routine and all the ladies at Forest Hills Foods now ask with a smile, “Do you need a copy of that one too before mailing it?”

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  1. Aaron & Whitney Pratt (A&W)
    Aaron & Whitney Pratt (A&W) says:

    I am so sorry to read your post. It can be so frustrating b/c we put so much into completing everything correctly and so much hope rides on those papers. We had a few little corrections that had to be made in our paperwork phase, too, but know that it passes, and soon that dossier will be perfect, in Julie's hands, and you'll have #'s before you know it. Praying for you and your family- I understand the disappointment. Just keep pushing on, and trusting God's perfect timing!

  2. lisa
    lisa says:

    It always astonishes me how difficult they make it just to give a child a home…and yet just anybody can get pregnant and have a kid without passing at least some sort of test of competence! I feel your pain and I am so sorry.

  3. Are These Kids All Yours?
    Are These Kids All Yours? says:

    So sorry to hear that. I am sure you are frustrated. I can't imagine what you are feeling, but I will be praying for you. This roller coaster is so nuts!!!! Heaven forbid it would just be simple. Hey, this is our second time in a year and it still isn't simple.

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