Art Prize 2011 {let the fun begin}

“The Secret of Life is in Art.”

-Oscar Wilde

Once again our city comes to life today in a way that must be seen and felt rather than explained. There is a vibe and an energy, a pulse if you will and today people begin to ask one another if they have been to Art Prize. The concept is brilliant. Artists from all over and all walks of life have been using the last few weeks in September to finalize details and  install their masterpieces in various venues located all throughout Grand Rapids. The city literally feels like it is bubbling, pulsing, about to pop, with a new life of color, texture, shape and eye popping wonder. We walk through the streets in search of each piece, everyone the art critic. The process turns even young children into art thinkers, questioning the meaning and perhaps even the madness behind each piece. There is wonder in the city air and we cannot wait to see where the Art Prize journey will lead us this year.

My sister, Ashley, of Ashley Behr Studios, is one of the artists featured  this year and what a treat to have her home to show off her skills. She is a girl who screams color… From her art to her personal look, she loves color, saturated, eye popping color. Now if you know much about her art medium you know that achieving deep neon type tones with watercolor is not exactly easy to do, but nothing stops this girl from trying. This year she has submitted Submersion for Art Prize and her large piece can be found  hanging at San Chez Bistro. The piece glows in the side window so do not miss it at night and last night while enjoying an opening gala for the artists we even found the famous Lenny Kravitz looking up from the deep blue sea. Ashley’s talent is a gift and during our weekend ahead our whole family will descend onto the streets of Grand Rapids to celebrate Ashley’s accomplishment and to enjoy the unmatched variety of a city changed into the most spectacular of art galleries.

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