ART Rules!

Where to begin? I’m sitting outside in the crisp fall air near downtown Grand Rapids and feeling like life doesn’t get any better than this. This city is so vibrant, so alive, so on it’s game. Having lived here since I was seven years old, I often feel caught up in my daily routine, my driving shortcuts, my usual grocery and coffee run. I forget to jump outside my own lines. I forget to leave the dishes {I did that this morning :} skip the laundry and just spend my alone time traveling new paths. I’m at the Wealthy Street Bakery this morning watching all the people moving about and feeling a bit like a live in a big city. Sometimes I feel like I missed that stage of life. I’m watching dog people, coffee lovers, moms with little peanuts and the tourists here in town to view the 1300 art pieces shown all over downtown for the next 15 days. ARTPRIZE is in full swing in Grand Rapids, MI and I see and feel a sense of energy, enthusiasm and unity that isn’t always in play. It makes me grateful to see that we do have a diverse and rich culture right here in GR. We were downtown last night for piano lessons and I loved hearing my boys, ages 7 and 8 beg me to take them to check out a few of the big ARTPRIZE sites. How could I possibly say no to that request. We loved roaming around, viewing a speed artist demo, watching a man creating moses out a tall piece of wood, finding Nessie and the Sticks table above the blue bridge. People have poured their heart and souls into this competition and we plan to embrace all the art we can fit into our busy lives. Art gives a glimpse into someone’s heart. Art helps us think and wonder. Art helps us get in touch with our inner selves and Art reminds all of us that diversity and uniqueness is so good!

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  1. Are These Kids All Yours?
    Are These Kids All Yours? says:

    Happy that you finally have a number. Hey, loving art is like loving life itself. God created us to be excited, creative, and attracted to art. Can't deny that to our little ones!

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