At 20 months…

Ava today you are 20 months old and your share this day with Aunt Shanny and her 39th birthday!  At 20 months you are a true gem and have come into your own with opinions and desires. You are loud and we are working with you daily, whispering to remind you to ask quietly rather than screaming for what you want. You are obedient when we ask you to do certain things but just in the last few weeks we have noticed you showing us how you would like things to go. Needless to say the months to follow should be rather interesting.

You are the sweetest child, roaming the house saying, “Momma, Dadda and brothers” They are currently your favorite words and you are so proud with all of your own progress. Just yesterday we were sharing snacks and you ever so gently would trun over my hand to place a raisin inside it for me to eat. You love music and do a silly little dance with a greedy smile when you find the volume button and crank it up. You love to suck on batteries {yes we hide the remote} and just this afternoon you pulled open the freezer and hauled out a box of frozen cookies. You also love to sneak into your brother’s rooms and steal away with any Halloween candy you can find. Your preference, suckers… and the drool- wow girl the drool flows whe you are chowing down a sucker.

Books seem to dominate your play time and you will choose whoever is nearby to do your little duck waddle backwards into their lap. You are already a superstar with pointing out pictures and animals and I could spend far too much time reading to you when instead you should be in bed.  When we do finally turn off the lights you beg for the Jesus song or Row Row. You listen so intently while we rock in the dark.

Ava you are a gift each and every day to our family and hearing you yell out each morning from your crib always brings a smile to my face. I am always eager to see your smiling little soul all lit up in the morning. I thank God that our lives and our hearts have been so perfectly and wonderfully knit together. I cannot image our crazy chaotic life without you in it.

I love you Ava,