Being in Community

Most people need daily connection to others no matter how busy they are. It’s life’s blood for me even though I cherish my time alone, checking off  my to dos, organizing another area in my home, running errands and on and on the work goes. It took me until the 1oth month of the year to discover that my word that best describes my year is  COMMUNITY. I think I will carry  the word COMMUNITY on into 2014 just to see what happens. This year I have prayed for honesty and openness in and through my community.  I have prayed to be in community more often with my children as unique beings who all have different needs.  I have prayed for community through hospitality with neighbors and friends. I pray for commmunity with other parents enduring the same challenges we do as we strive to  raise our children up to be strong in character, morales and deeds. I have prayed for stronger bonds with those doing life on the sidelines of the soccer field or life in the trenches of whatever their personal or family struggle. I pray for deep connections to parents of those my children attend school with. I pray for authentic converstaions with teachers so we can best support our kiddos as they spend so much time being influenced at school.   Being in community comes with the challenge of being who and what you are and who and what you have been designed to do with the time and the talents you have been given. That is not always easy and when life is busy are we ready to be real or transparent? That takes work. I have found that honoring and fully embracing my connections and community comes out of honesty, putting myself out there often as a broken person unable to hit the mark of what we all might define as perfection. Good grief I would like to throw that standard out the window and allow us all to start fresh with no preconcieved ideas of what it means to be ___________ (you fill in blank).   I am grateful for the lack of drama and authentic bonds that come in being willing to encourage others while at the same time reaching out to hear their hearts.  So often we can feel lost and alone, like we have been left to do life in the trenches without the ability to be transparent. So today I would encourage us all to at least once step out in wild faith and share your heart with someone. Don’t just say, ” My kids are exhausting me, ” but instead  connect with another in truth as you share the details of a challenge you are currently facing with you children. Share a specific example of what you feel called to in this life that perhaps you have no idea how to achieve. Sit down and ask about someone else’s pain and really really connect with them as together you brainstorm a solution. Maybe you will be granted to avenue to share the peace and provision of Christ and see where the deeper connection leads… Do you have a word that you would use to describe your year? I would love to know what it is if you are up for sharing.

BE intentional! BE passionate! BE Encouraging! BE in Community!

 Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds not giving up; meeting together as some are in the habit of doing.  Be encouraging to one another. Hebrews 10: 24-25

Peace and Grace,