Big News! {our Ethiopia partnership announcement…}

This has certainly been an eventful year in the life of our family!

Just over a year ago we made our first trip to Ethiopia. We were there to meet our daughter for the first time and to learn about her land and her culture. Within a month of our return I was called back to Ethiopia to bring our daughter home.

I returned from Ethiopia completely wrecked, ruined and a total mess.

I can honestly say that I am now living my life post Ethiopia. What I mean is that everything changed after seeing so many sweet young faces who need basics while we were here doing what we do, focusing on careers, family and our next vacation. It was challenging to return to full grocery store shelves and a closet filled with options. It was hard to understand why I needed another pair of shoes when so many would do anything for something basic to cover their feet. Kay Warren describes it best when she says after going and seeing Africa for herself  that she was


Her words describe so perfectly what has happened in my world and in the life of our family. God used our journey to Ethiopia to not only bring a precious daughter home to our family but also to rearrange our hearts. Ethiopia opened our eyes and we seek to find sustainable solutions for those left behind.  The opportunity to connect our community to the world we quickly have grown to love in Ethiopia has been shown.

We will be partnering with Children’s Hopechest to bring love and hope to a vulnerable community in Awassa, Ethiopia. Here’s how it works. Children’s Hopechest has an existing CAREPOINT community called CHAPA in Awassa. This particular community is rural and very poor. There are currently 150 children  profiled through Childrens’s Hopechest who are classified as orphaned or vulnerable, meaning he or she is living in extreme poverty.  The majority of people living in this area are on subsistence income and live  far below the poverty level, having next to nothing for basic survival. They cannot afford the basic elements for life including accessing basic social services like health care, dental care, education and housing. In addition, the communities are suffering from lack of adequate food and nutrition, proper water supply and sanitation, resulting in frequent illness among children. It is also important to note that this area is part of the drought belt in southern Ethiopia.

Ever since bringing Ava home many of you have graciously asked how you can help…

We finally have an answer!

Imagine our community of friends, neighbors, church and school families, adoptive families and businesses all contributing to bring abundant life and education to a community of orphans and vulnerable children. Imagine the potential of a teaching sustainable farming methods or breathing new life into the very meager Chapa school. Imagine a team of leaders mentoring and discipling the many children who wait, with nobody to call their own.  Imagine the real relationship you and your families could form with your sponsored child to show him or her the love of Jesus and the bold heart of an entire community ready to give of themselves.  Children’s Hopechest is working all around the world to empower orphans to survive, thrive and succeed within their home culture. They have an amazing indigenous staff on the ground in Ethiopia. 

With 150 million orphans throughout the world and nearly 5 million in Ethiopia the time is now to make a difference one child at a time.

Through prayers, letters and perhaps even travel to meet your child and work among the Chapa community, you too will have your life transformed.

Your heart just might skip a beat and you too will become GLORIOUSLY RUINED.

We have 150 children waiting to be sponsored at Chapa.

This is a monthly commitment of $34.

We begin one child at a time connecting our community to the Chapa community.

Many more details and children’s profiles coming soon…

We can’t wait to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Big News! {our Ethiopia partnership announcement…}”

  1. Melanie – I remember so clearly the first conversation we had about adoption for over an hour in the office of Ada Vista. It is amazing to see how God has blessed your life through adoption and how many doors you continue to open with what you have learned through this process. God works in mysterious ways! Who would have known at that time what beautiful child God had ready for you and your family. We have been blessed with our third (Elle). She was born June of 2009 and come home in July, one month later.

    Adoption is many things, but above all it is one more way in which God shows love through the formation of our families. We are all so blessed. Much love to you and your beautiful family!

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