Broken but cheering!

We are nearing the year mark of the day we first saw our daughter’s face and heard the story of how her first few days of life might have gone and how desperately she needed a family to choose her. It is easy to think back now and wonder what our lives would currently look and feel like had we missed the call to adopt and the many promising signs that lead us to Ethiopia, to All God’s Children International and to our loving and constantly smiling Ava. But I can say with great certainty that not all things related to following God’s nudges are easy. In fact now more than ever we are living on the edge of our seats. We are often unsettled. We are striving to know. We are investigating options and best of all we are broken for what it is that is breaking God’s heart everyday.  I now see each new day and each new experience with different eyes.

Five years or so ago I could not have predicted this path, this journey that has swept me up and keeps me tightly in the palm of God’s hand. I have been wrecked, disturbed and broken in ways I never saw coming and although there are challenging days and new struggles, I am lifting my hands, smiling my widest and cheering with wild hoots for the calling God has so generously placed on my heart. I was created to care for those who need love, touch, prayers, guidance, support, consistency, generosity and so much more. With nearly 150 million orphans in the world today I must heed the call to stand up for them. You see I was once an orphan, abandoned by a Mother who never looked back. That is with me every day, but so is the love shown me by my Father who never left and a select few women who God placed in my path as I grew up. How can I stand before the sweet and talented 14 year old girl and her brother (shown below) and pretend that I do not know how she feels to have lost her Mother?  They are some of the  fortunate few who make it into a caring orphanages but that is often not the end result for the majority of children. Children are sold into prostitution rings, trafficked out of Nepal and into India. Children are made to work alongside their parents 16 hours a day as indentured servants. Children are rounded up and imprisoned in Uganda. These are children with little hope and certainly no voice or future.

Here in the United States we Moms might be combing through the Internet and the recent brochures to figure out the best camps for our children to attend this summer. We might be returning from a family vacation where we were able to get away to relax and enjoy our freedoms, perhaps we are planning the end of the year party for our child’s classroom. Yes that is the world I live in and I will not deny that. It is my reality. Maybe it is your reality too. But it is now also my reality that many children are growing up in circumstances far less just and comfortable than our own. Now that I know… now that I have seen. I am responsible to act. There is no perfection of self in my words and everyday this is a fight, but it is a fight I am eager to embrace and I pray everyday for God to send friends with like minds. Maybe that sounds silly but sometimes I wish I could inspire others to see and feel what I now see and feel. This journey has brought me a daughter, several sponsored boys in Ethiopia and an awareness that has created a fire in my heart. I am on fire. Please come alongside me. I promise you will not regret it. And who knows maybe God is calling you to adopt, sponsor a child or to GO and SERVE  the least of these. There is a plan at work to return to the country where my eyes were opened and maybe you too were meant to hop on this joy filled ride!

These two beautiful children are available for adoption. Please contact me should you have any questions. I met them both on my last visit to Ethiopia and they are so dear and so deserving of a family and a home!

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  1. Emily
    Emily says:

    I am with ya!!!! We adopted our precious baby girl a year ago, last month. While she was a domestic adoption, she desperately needed a family. I cannot share many details with people, other than the fact that God called us to be her family! (And we are SO thankful!) Needless to say, God has touched, pulled, called us to continue on this journey to advocate for the orphans. We are not near finished with the job He has for us and we are excited to see where He takes us next! Thank God for families like yours who are on that same journey! By the way, your little girl is just too precious! Her eyes remind me our little Ayana’s…I have included the link to my blog so you can check out our cutie too. 🙂 God bless you and your family!

    • admin
      admin says:

      Emily: Your daughter i precious and she has such spirit in her eyes. Thank you fo ryour kind words and yes it is awesome to share the journey of how to care for orphans with so many other extraordinary families. We have been richly blessed to have been called.
      Peace and blessings,

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