Can I make you laugh?

Well we had a photo of all the many documents we had to create and complete for Nepal but I removed them due to too much info shown in the photo… But here is the funny thing… We have to redo everything. All of our Nepal specific documents have to now be made Ethiopia specific. Ha! This makes me laugh and cry all in the same breath. Of course we have copies of every document but to think we must make everything Ethiopia ready sounds daunting. Then I tell myself that this is a journey that we long to complete and she will certainly be worth all of our hard work. Even with all the work ahead of us we feel such a sense of PEACE. Our decision feels so right and we cannot wait to see who God has planned for our family. So what’s another trip to the doctor or the bank to get this paperwork complete. No worries. Thanks again to all of you who have been so supportive and kind this week as we made a very difficult choice. We are richly blessed by so many people in our lives.