Catching Up on Fall… {October in Pictures}

Started this post a while back and never completed it. Now November is nearly over – Whew! Thought I’d better get ‘er done. Afterall they are calling for real ice and snow tonight. December is upon us…

This morning I spent a whole lotta time folding laundry. With six people in our house I find that I have days I pray for a laundry fairy to arrive. Even if he or she would fly on over just to put the laundry away I would be such a happy camper. For whatever reason laundry just overwhelms and challenges me. I guess it is one of those things that never feels done and it always seems that we Mom’s have beeter things to do with our time then to work and work some more taking care of our homes. In fact in my next life I am gonna be good at starring at dust bunnies and a streaky floor and not feeling the urge to get it all cleaned up. I say this because it many other categoires of life I am truly feeling behind. In fact October marched in and out without much documenting so today I will leave the socks to be matched another day and instead go back through old photos. Nevermind having them all printed and scrapped- ha! That will never happen in a timely fashion!

This year October felt busier than ever as the stakes are higher with each grade change and all the irons the kids have in the fire. It was a gorgeous month of sunny and even warm days so reeling all three boys in each night to start homework early was not very easy. They are truly outdoor boys and today is the coldest day we have had this season complete with snow flurries and they still are attempting to sneak right out without coats.  I’m already thinking the perfect Christmas gift would be a snow hut built in our backyard with several extra hours per week of free time for the guys to sleep, eat and play in it. We’re talking big hit around here.


So back through our October with a few favorite photos:

Visiting the pumpkin patch and trying to capture an image with all four looking my way… HA!


Yes we taught Miss Ava to kiss pumpkins. So sweet!


 We are blessed…

October would not be complete without a visit to the GR landmark of Robinettes. Carter was horified that Ava was trying to kiss the giant apple!

Catch me if you can…


 Everyday is a new adventure for Miss Ava when she is outside with all her bros…

 Seriously? I want to smooch this face a million times a day!

 A favorite day of the year… Halloween 2011

Peace and Grace,


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