Celebrating with friends…

I have this friend who always amazes me! She is absolutely over the top with creative and beutiful ideas and insight. She works so hard to make things special for others. It’s downright impressive and sometimes a bit disturbing 🙂 She is such a talent and has become so special in my life. Last night myself and Ava attended a little welcome home shower at her festive home. Ava was the star of the show and it was so amazing to see so many women who I admire and adore just loving on her. Of course I did all the holding so Miss Ava was a bit of eye candy for the many mommies who cannot wait to get their arms on her. Soon everybody soon!

It was great fun to celebrate Ava with friends, wine, a scrumptious tomato tart, homemade cheesecake and very special and girlie gifts. The evening kicked off a bit late for Ava so when she became fussy I had to do the stand up only thing that she generally requires in order to fall asleep. In doing so the gift opening came to a halt until we discovered a clever new trick… Try this -you might love it as much as I did. Each guest opened their own gift. Sounds strange but it was great. We found that everyone began to explain their gifts from the wrapping they selected, to where they had shopped, to the gems inside. It was very special to hear all the detail that went into the shopping for Ava. She is so blessed to have so many wonderful women who truly love her already. The hostess of the shower is also an artist and designer and she surprised me with a beautiful art piece for Ava’s room. She painted a large tree and as soon as we can coordinate it all of us will place our handprints on the tree to look like leaves. She even painted in a little owl perched on the branch of the tree. I’ts very special and I’ll be sure and post some photos when the room is all complete.

It was a low key and very sweet evening of celebration. Each person who attended has a special place in my life and n my heart. Thank you dear friends for all the love and support you have shown throughout the journey to our daughter. Get ready to answer this boy momma’s big questions as I begin to get acclaimated and up to speed on the whole girl world! My first big discovery has been that hangers are going to be key… leggings, hairbows, socks- OH MY!

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