Change 10 Lives in 10 Days… {I’m Dreaming BIG!!!!}

In just four weeks I will be on the ground in Ethiopia visiting the Chapa Carepoint in Awassa ,Ethiopia. I will meet hundreds of children who seek out the Carepoint daily as a place of refuge and sustenance. The Carepoint for many is the ony hope of a daily meal or a warm smiling adult who will teach and pray with the child. The children of Chapa are downright adorable and so in need of sponsors. Many are vulnerable or orphaned with little hope,  but in you and with your support as a community we can bring HOPE and JOY and even a FUTURE .  For $34 a month Children’s Hopechest can match you with a child and that child will become like family through letters, prayers and even visits. Children’s Hopechest does a wonderful job with a staff on the ground in Ethiopia who work tirelessly on behalf of the Chapa kids.

Perhaps you have adopted from Ethiopia and wish to do more in your child’s birth country or maybe you have been struggling with a call you feel to live more purposefully in helping others to thrive. Sponsoring a child is a wonderful gift and Children’s Hopechest is a wonderful organization to be a part of. I can tell you from first hand experience that the child you sponsor will know very well all of the details of who you and your family are and within moments of my arrival at Chapa they will be surrounding me and asking if you are there with the team. The connection through sponsorship is strong and the bond is like no other. So here is my pryer and my plea… I am hoping to get 10 children sponsored within 10 days and I need your help! Can you share this post on your blog or FB page? Could you ask a friend who you know might be interested in sponsoring a child and lastly would you yourself consider sponsorship as an option for you and your family?  It would be so dreamy to show up at the Carepoint with small care packages for each of the children from his or her own sponsor. Just wait until you see their faces all aglow. Providing them with such joy and the promise of food, mentor ship and an education is simply priceless.

Let’s do this!

Contact me or click here to reach Juree Wilson of Children’s Hopechest and specify which child pictured below you wish to sponsor and we will help you get signed up. You may also call 719.487.7800.  I am dreaming BIG…  but together we can do this… changing 10 little lives in just 10 days!

Yakobe ET 3003011

Yohannes ET 3003017

Tehitna ET3003055

Edegete ET3003044

Anteneh ET3003038

Engito ET3003124

Agireso ET3003141

Meisfen ET3003037

Yoel ET3003145

Ekemo ET3003019

Pass it on and spread the word!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Melanie Strobel