Coming Home…

Those of you who have traveled and perhaps embarked on a busy mission trip are well aware of the ups and downs of coming home. This week was a big challenge to make the adjustment back to my new normal. You see I have been changed and rearranged in ways I never thought imaginable throughout this past few years. Yes I am grateful, but God has been wowing me in ways that make we look around to see if HE might just be speaking and calling out to someone else nearby. When I asked God to send and use me I truly meant it but now I am feeling a bit like screaming, “Hey can you send me back!”  Asa busy Mom returning home from Ethiopia this week was a bit of a wild ride. Funny thing is I think God wants the return to be a but tough. You know why? I am being asked to reach out, to share and to encourage others to take this journey alongside me. Perhaps if it was easy I would sail right through and not need the ear of others, my husband, my friends and my family. The tough stuff is what inspires me to dig in, to pray more, to ask for HIS guidance.  One of the great joys of going to Ethiopia with a wonderful team of people is that I have a whole new group of dear friends who are feeling many of the same thoughts this week. It has been a joy to lift one another up as there have been tears, excitement, fatigue and new questions placed on each of our hearts. I am grateful for the journey we shared and the process we must go through now that we are home.

This week home was filled with a teething baby who we thought for certain had a double ear infection. Not so. Instead she is challenged by her own new moves and her lack of knowing how to get herself down from pulling herslf up on everything. Being home meant digging back into Odyssey of the Mind schedules for two of my sons who competed today. There were many rehearsals that kept us busy. Coming home showed me that two of our boys had such long locks they were unrecognizable and our dear daughter really needed the recommended Tangle Teaser. Her hair was a mess.  Coming home for me meant tons of laundry and beginning a second round of antibiotics, one that I could recognize the name (thank you very much) to clear this crazy bug. It was a busy few days of re-acclimating to a life with the family I cherish and love so much. Bob was even off one extra day which gave us a chance for sharing pictures and so much of what is on my heart. He had lots to share too as he held down the fort so well while I was away!

Here is a look into this week’s crazy. Thank you GOD for rearranging and changing my heart. I am trusting you to see me through this wild ride called “coming home. ”

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  1. Stephanie Gingerich
    Stephanie Gingerich says:

    Hi Melanie,
    I can so relate! I really enjoyed looking at your blog to catch up on what you have been doing. I also feel that I am in the process of being re-arranged after visiting Guatemala.

    Talk to you soon,

  2. Megan
    Megan says:

    I like how you said your NEW normal…cuz that’s what it is! After a trip like that, you will never be the same….in a good way, of course!

    On a completely separate note, I think our girls have similar curls! Its hard to know though since all I have is pictures to compare…and our little sweeties head was just shaved so I only have 5 photos of those precious curls.

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