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Do you ever just marvel at how things work when we truly dig into something that’s been etched on our hearts. I was speaking to a friend just the other day about what that powerful force is that allows us to think of someone for several days and then perhaps we bump into them somewhere after months or years of no contact. Sometimes we might have a topic on our brain that seems to resonate and stick for days only to turn on the radio and hear an interview on the very same topic. I love how magical it all seems when something like this happens. It is so much fun and often so profound in shaping our everyday lives. Some might say it is just coincidence but at this stage of my life I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that God’s hand is all over these little connections.

For me these connections continue to happen at a crazy rate. I feel like if I watched the skies long enough I might just see God orchestrating another conversation or FB post or sermon or person entering my life in order to draw me closer to where HE wants me to be. I now find myself explaining the unexplainable as God Moments and I love the joy it brings even when the connections might be tough, in reminding me that I am not walking alone on this crazy path of life.

Here is my latest GOD MOMENT and it’s a good one so hold on tight.

Soon after realizing that our daughter would be born in Ethiopia I began to do tons of research into the country, the culture, the needs and the many grassroots organizations who are on the ground making a daily difference in the lives of orphans, widows and the destitute. Again all I can say is that it seemed like more that simple curiosity as the connections came fast and furious. I was truly being directed. I quickly discover  Children’s Hopechest and I learn as much as I can about this outstanding organization. I begin to pray daily for God to show me where to begin to plug in as we are going through the beginning stages of adoption. We begin by sponsoring a young boy named Eyoub through Children’s Hopechest.  Eyoub is without any family and lives in a boys home in Addis Ababa. Our wait for Ava continues but as we wait, we research and learn about the best ways to support the orphans of  Ethiopia. Finally the referral of our daughter occurs and we are given just a few weeks to prepare to visit Ethiopia and meet her. I contact CHC and begin to inquire about meeting Eyoub. We plan a big ole pizza party for the many boys at the orphanage and generously several friends contribute to make the fiesta possible for the boys. As you can imagine it was a very special event and something the boys rarely get to do- have sponsors visit and bring pizza for the gang.

Our precious Eyoub was the sweetest child and so many of the boys were thrilled that he had the chance to meet his sponsors. He was the big man on campus that afternoon and we were so touched when he tried to share his slice of pizza with us. So many of the young boys did this and it was touching to see their generous spirits in spite of their circumstances. We played soccer in the rain and worked hard to communicate without a translator. When we left Eyoub all I could think about was how he could be adopted or better supported.

We returned home and within just a few months Children’s Hopechest thought it best to sever the relationship with this particular boy’s home. Remember there are many things that have to happen in order for children to be properly supported at a care point. It was a tricky situation with an outcome that ultimately hurt those who need the funds most.  In addition to no longer being able to financially sponsor Eyoub we had no way of communicating with him.

So fast forward nearly eight months and know that all through my continued connections to Ethiopia and my one trip back I was being lead to continue to pray for this dear child. I was searching for someone who could help when a friend of a friend surfaces who works with an adoption agency who does a great deal of humanitarian work with this specific home. BINGO! Within weeks of that connection I still find myself deep in thought about my next trip to Ethiopia and how I might be able to connect with Eyoub. Once you are touched by the harrowing circumstances yet the great joy and gratitude of the children of Ethiopia, they are not easy to forget. So here is the most amazing part of the story… We have friends, who happen to be neighbors, who traveled last month to meet their darling daughter in Ethiopia and attend court. While they were there for the week they were able to visit the boy’s home. Now they were completely unaware of who our Eyoub was and we were unaware they would be visiting this home during their trip.  So what happens next? Only God could orchestrate this small world moment. Eyoub is there at their taxi to greet them and he holds on tight all afternoon during their visit.

Coincidence? Of course not!

This is getting long I know but you have to hear this…Yesterday morning I am taking a chilly walk with Ava and just as we turn around to head home my friend hollers for me to come in and see her Ethiopia pictures. We settle in and up pops her photos.  We dig into her sweet baby photos drooling over her luscious lips and big brown eyes. Please God bring sweet A home to all of us soon. Next she clicks on the photos of the boys they so treasured spending time with during an unexpected trip to the boy’s home. Seriously, I nearly fell out of my chair! Here is the first photo she shared.

I wanted to cry but instead chuckled as I thought yes God I hear you. I hear you loud and clear. Our connection to Eyoub is confirmed! You see, that which we pray for and think about in His name for His glory will not be denied. In following in the footsteps of Jesus it is easy to see that Jesus himself would march right through the gates of the boy’s home to love and nurture the very children who need Him most. That is what God is doing in my heart, continuing to foster a love for His children who need us most all over the world. I stand in awe of the connections that He will provide if only I Let Go and Let God!

Thank you God for opening my eyes and continuing to open my heart to the needs of those in Ethiopia. It is a land and a people I fell in love with and in doing so continue to fall more deeply in love with you.

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  1. Amy @ Filled With Praise
    Amy @ Filled With Praise says:

    I tried to leave a comment on your newest post, but it won’t let me. Yesterday was our referral anniversary too! It is amazing that it was one year ago. Time flies when you are having lots of fun 🙂
    Love ya,

    • admin
      admin says:

      Oh no Amy. I love my Amy comments. So rarely do people leave me comments directly on the blog. I will check into it. Happy Referral Day to you. Are you not so incredibly glad we said yes to God when he called us to adopt. What a joy it is and honor to be raising all four kiddos. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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