Counting Down

Back on September 15, 2009 we officially entered the girl’s wait list with the number 44. That is where it all began. That number has been dropping rather quickly and we are happy to report that we are now number 17 on the girl’s list. It took four months to get to number 17 so we are hopeful that we are approximately four months from our referral. That means we will get to see the sweet face of the daughter and sister intended for our home. We believe she has already been born and it is a strange feeling to feel that somewhere in a land I have never visited on a continent I long to someday explore, in a village that I am sure looks nothing like Ada, MI, in a house we hope exists at all is a mother who is doing what she can to keep baby S thriving. This birthmother will soon be faced with making the most courageous choice. She will choose to relinquish her child into the arms of another knowing that she has been stricken with HIV or has too many mouths to feed or has no income or perhaps has no shelter or food to call her own. She has given life to a daughter and she will give her life once again by allowing us to become her forever parents. From number 44 to number 37 to number 21 and now to number 17. Life is truly so good!

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