Do We Have to Say Goodbye…

Must we really close the chapter on summer? For our family it was one of the best summers I can remember. We spent so much time together  exploring, learning, talking, listening and planning. I loved every moment of the long days with so few cares and less responsibility. We know it is time and even though we have been in crazy clean it up and clean it our mode around here I still went through much of the day in denial. I just don’t want it to end.  The last few days I have been motivated to create a video of our summer fun and in looking back through so many photos I was so glad I took the time to capture those fleeting moments in time. My kiddos are all looking so old. Even Miss Ava, our preschool three girl, has been sharing with others that she is “tall for her age.”  So tonight I am headed to bed with a new book:   I will wake up bright and early and run the morning marathon of lunches, breakfast, proper picture outfits and combed hair. I will convince them all to let me capture that first day of school magical moment and they will all sigh and fret. I will juggle a few heading to bus stops and one I will drive directly to school. I will do all of this with a smile all the while churning a bit inside. Then I will pray. I will pray as I release them all again back into the world of school. I will pray for them to have courage and peace. I will pray for interactions of kindness and support from other students and teachers, I will pray for all the children returning to schools everywhere will feel physical, emotional and spiritual protection. I will pray for children to feel a sense of purpose in their daily endeavors be it studying, socializing or playing sports. I will pray that in all things my children and those around them will feel gratitude and servants spirit. It will be a bittersweet day of realizing time is passing quickly. Like many parents perhaps the beauty in the seasons is the reminder that we can never take our days with our children for granted. They are fleeting moments and fleeting days… So long summer and thank you for the sweet memories.


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