Dossier submission take two

Well by noon today our agency will have our dossier, our Ethiopian dossier that is!
We are thrilled beyond words to get rolling on our wait for our Ethiopian daughter.
So now most of the work is done and we enter the waiting phase. We wait 8-12 months
before receiving a referral. The referral will be a phone call from our case manager that
will include background, medical and photo information of a little girl within our
parameters of 0-18 months. After a child is referred to us we will have to wait 3 weeks to
3 months before traveling to meet her and bring her home. The waiting feels good
and sometime in the next few days we should have a number telling us just how many
families are in front of us on the girl’s list.

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  1. says:

    yeah- i know you are so excited to submit that precious stack of papers!! can't wait to hear what # you are on the waiting list! praying for your family as you begin your wait!

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