Easter fun!

We love holidays at our house! Easter is especially fun after the long cold winter. We can open up the screened in porch and pull out some of the spring decorations to brighten and cheer. Ava sat her in high chair and watched as the three boys along with Mom and Dad did it up with far too many eggs this year. I even tried dying a few eggs with beet juice and although the color was interesting it was much more fun to be an egg mix master the old fashioned Paas way. Every time I place all the cups of dye onto our island I say a little prayer that the cups never spill onto the hard wood floor. Can you even imagine having a few floor planks that look like a sparkled Easter egg. 🙂

This kid loves to blow out eggs! I love his piercing baby blues.

Hayden spent a few moments posing with his sister. She is tough to photograph these days as she is interested in anything but looking up at me.

Here is our true Ava. She is giving all you blog readers a LOUD shout out with a Happy Easter!

I had to share this out take first… I live with crazy clowns who rarely want to dress up and who almost never want to cooperate for my camera. Even Bob was giving me dirty looks during this photo shoot. I just remind them that I will keep shooting until I get something that looks more like the photo below.  This one is not too bad… These four cuties melt my heart and remind me everyday that I am blessed beyong measure!On Easter morning our children were all a bustle by 6:45 a.m. I am always in awe of how much sugar they consume by 8 a.m. on Easter morning. The bunny who visits our house leaves yarn all over the house. The yarn is like a big web and each of our kiddos has to follow his or her yarn from their bed to their baskets. It is a tradition that our kids will certainly continue when they hide baskets someday and honestly now that we have four kids it was a trip to make our way around the house late Saturday night after the big hide!

It was a joy filled morning of simple love and fun. We have been shifting form our home church into the hunt for another church home and it has been a very tough transition. It felt good to go home and so wonderful to share Ava with so many who have supported and nurtured us along the way. I ended up hanging with a squirmy Ava in another room during the service but that was exactly where God wanted me as one of my friends joined me with her boys and shared that she wants to talk more about adoption, All God’s Children International and Ethiopia. Bingo! See what I mean about God… He really does place people in the right place at the right time and He can orchestrate things far beyond your own imagination.

He is risen indeed!

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  1. Kristin
    Kristin says:

    Beautiful pictures Melanie! I can hear your voice as you write and can imagine the laughter and excitment that fills your home daily. What a blessed life!! Happy Easter dear friend– thankful for this amazing year that crossed our paths and changed us forever.

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