Engage, Connect and Transform {Sponsor a Chapa Child}

Last night we threw a party in honor of orphans in Awassa, Ethiopia. Let me explain. For months now we have been searching for the best way to connect ourselves and our community to help meet the needs of vulnerable children in Ethiopia. It is estimated that Ethiopia has nearly 5 million orphans, children just like yours and mine,  but who struggle and pray for food, water, education, love and more than anything protection as they grow up.  Last night we threw a party and invited friends and family, our village,  to share in the launch of our partnership with Children’s Hopechest. We are now responsible for finding sponsors for hundreds of vulnerable and orphaned children in Awassa, Ethiopia in the Chapa community. It was an eye opening evening as we shared our hearts, enjoyed West African drumming music and heard from Wil Crooks of Children’s Hopechest.  The Hopechest connect community is a brilliant model and we are so excited to see where this goes… I have details about the program to share but first let me show you a few pictures of how the room turned out prior to the event.

I borrowed glass vases from a friend and used coffee beans straight from Ethiopia and made these fun centerpieces for each table. Yes I will be scooping out all of the beans, Ethiopian coffee is far too good to waste even one drop.

Here we had Ground to Cup coffee for sale. Proceeds from the sale of this coffee will go back to the Chapa Carepoint. We all drink coffee… make your cup count. If you want to place an order visit our store here. We also sold Tom Davis’ books. If you have not read Fields of the Fatherless please be sure to put it on your list. It changed me in profound ways.

Here was our huge table loaded with kids. You should see them all. They are simply precious and seeing all their little faces made selecting a child to sponsor challenging for some. Each profile care contains a child’s photo with vital information about what he or she enjoys, age and various other details. The back of the card contains directions on how to begin sponsorship.

Here is my favorite picture of the night. Our son had to get in on the action and insisted that he handle the giveaways we had planned. Involving our kids is what sponsorship is all about.

The atmosphere was festive and people were encouraged and eager to help after hearing the message of what sponsorship can do to change the life for one. Begin with one… that is what we are asking of our community. Change the world for one. Feed one. Love one. Pray for one. Write to one. Your life will never be the same and we invite you to come alongside us as we take exciting first steps with the Chapa community.

I sure wish I could duplicate the passion and the power in the room during the event… It was palpable and the Holy Spirit was right there leaning on the hearts of many. If you did not attend the event or would like more information on supporting a Chapa child or children please do the following:

Send me a message or leave a message on this blog. You can subscribe too by clicking on the subscribe button just below the header picture. I will do my best to get right back to you. I will answer any questions and I do have profiles of many children still waiting to be sponsored. I can walk you through the steps to get started. You might also spend time on the Children’s Hopechest website and see what they are all about. Learn more about the connect community model.

Perhaps you now have a Chapa child profile card in your hands … You are awesome and I am grateful for your open hands and heart. Here is what you do next:

 Get your enrollment started. Detailed instructions on the back of each card. It is simple. Go here and follow the promptings. The monthly sponsorhsip amount is $34. Be sure to enter your child’s 9 digit reference number beginning with ET located on your card.

Lastly, please help us spread the word… share this post on your blog, invite a friend to learn more, post info to FB. Awareness is key. This is only the begining and in a few short months I will be back on the ground in Ethiopia to meet the children of Chapa. Come alongside me, meet your child and delight in the wonder of a spectacular culture. Spots are limited for the One Child Campaign Shine Your Light Vision trip February 11-22, 2012.

The launch event was something we are so honored to be a part of. We loving advocating for the children who wait.  We truly believe that you and I are God’s answer to the orphan crisis. You and I are the answer to change, development and justice for those living in severe poverty. God is calling us to get in line, to step out and to act. As Mother Teresa said and showed us with her whole being.

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, just feed one.”

I hope you will consider becoming a member of the Chapa team.  Let’s engage, connect and transform a community one child at a time!

Peace and Grace and thanks for being a part of this journey,