Ethiopia- a few photos…

Here is the door we entered to meet our daughter for the very first time…

On Sunday morning we saw this group of cattle right on the streets alongside traffic.

Navigating the streets of Addis can be challenging but the scenery is always interesting!
Here is the traditional coffee we enjoyed at the home of our new friend and taxi driver, Solomon.
From incense to our chicco treat, it was the real thing!
The children of Ethiopia absolutely stole our hearts. Here is the group of boys we
loved who sleep at the bus station each night for a variety of reasons. They receive
some donations and help from local ministries. I look froward to seeing them again when we

This was a typical scene outside our window daily. Ethiopians work very hard and their animals
do to. We have no idea just how easy we have it even on a long and tough work day.

There are hundreds more images to share of both Ethiopia and the miracle of adoption. Processing all that we saw and the host of emotions we felt throughout the week is taking some time. I will share more photos soon.
I’ll leave you with a question. Is there a place or a person God is stirring you to explore or reach out to? 
For us it is the land of Ethiopia where we were called and challenged to open our eyes and our hearts wide.
Where might it be for you?