Ethiopia fun facts..

Here are a few things I have learned while traveling the last few days throughout Ethiopia…

Facebook is the primary mode of communicating around here.

You do not want to forget to turn on the hot water heater before showering

Hard boiled eggs are served with many Ethiopian foods.

One Ethiopian friend (who shall remain nameless) prefers the hole in the ground over the toliets with seats. They make him anxious (for real).

If you want to strike it rich, move to Ethiopia and open a Kaldi’s Coffee. 🙂

Drivers will tell you everywhere takes about 20 minutes. You need to double that number and then double it again.

Soda bottles must remain where you got them. There are no to go cups here.

Many Ethiopians will not wear shorts because they do not like to show their skinny legs. For real?

There was no purpose in creating lanes here in Ethiopia as nobody ever stays with them. It’s a driving free for all!

Prepare yourself to nearly hit any and all types of cattle, sheep goats and (hey) donkey while driving.

All used toliet paper belongs in the waste basket next to the toliet.

Where you see one child, be prepared to soon see 20. Children are everywhere!

Soaping up is a must before swimming in community pools, algae included.

So many blessings in the last few days. Loving the rich beauty of the Ethiopian people!

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