Ethiopian Siblings waiting for a family…

I have been working hard to get to a point of sharing the profiles of the following brother and sister duo who stole my heart on my last day in Ethiopia. We visited the Kidane Miheret Orphanage in Addis Ababa and spent several hours interacting with many children of various ages.  The children were such gems and so well cared for. I felt drawn to the younger kids on the upper floor and loved watching the wild four year old boys faces light up as we gave them all little wooden cars. Soon I ventured back outside to see Hayden playing soccer. A very sweet young girl walked up and introduced herself with a delightful and confident handshake. Within moments I further understood that meeting 14 year old Helen and her brother was part of the purpose of my trip. As the 12 days in Ethiopia unfolded this continued to happen for me… God would show himself in the situations I was placed in or the people that I met or the love I was able to share in various circumstances. It may sound weird but all I can say is that I was open to hearing from God and He showed up in a very big way!

First we sit and talk and Helen shares her passion for writing and poetry. She tells me that she used to be a dancer and that she remembers taking a family vacation when her Mother was alive. I ask her is she is willing to share her poetry and she jumps right up to direct me to her desk. We go through each poem spending a good thirty minutes as she explains each word. The true heart and soul of this child was revealed,  poured out eloquently onto paper as gorgeous poems. She is so sweet and has such a tender heart.  Helen longs for a Mother for herself and her brother. She is 14 and her brother, Habtamu, is 9. They were raised in a loving family up until a year or so ago when their Mother died. The Father abandoned the family some time ago and fortunately both children ended up in the loving Kidane Orphanage. Helen is very healthy and Habtamu has health concerns but is currently healthy. Both children are thriving, enrolled in school and interacted well with their peers.

They are waiting for a family to call their own. Helen and I bonded so quickly and I left that day having made a promise that I would do whatever possible to advocate for the beautiful brother and sister team. They are fully ready for adoption and I am very eager to talk with anyone who might be interested in adopting these two precious hearts. Please share this information and please please pray for these two beautiful and deserving children to see parents walk through the gates of the orphanage to bring them HOME!

“Children are too important and too intensely loved by God to be left behind or left to chance.”

-Wes Stafford, President -Compassion International

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