Faces of Jesus

Preach the gospel always. When necessary, use words.  -St. Francis of Assisi

I love to photograph faces. To be able to zoom into the eyes of another and capture his or her beauty at that moment in time is such a joy. What I have loved about this Ethiopia experience is the joy that carrying and using my camera brings. It is very challenging to put all that I feel into words but I hope my images convey the spirit of the people and the love I feel in my desire to heal their burdens if only for a brief moment.  It is our actions that show the true love of Christ and it is so amazing to see the response I get in asking people if I might photograph them. I even brought printed photos back with me this time to share and people were so eager to have a snapshot of themselves to treasure. I see Jesus when I look into the eyes of the needy here. I see Jesus. It is my hope that you do too.

These men live in Korah and come every day to Great Hope Church for fellowship and lunch. They are missing hands and feet due to leprosy. Many of our team members sat beside these men and fed them. There was nothing more precious than to see such love.

They adored being photographed and I was even able to convince a few to smile.

Here are a fee more beautiful faces that are etched in my heart…