For good

Adoption is the land of disclaimers so let me begin by saying that all of this could change but guess what?
We are Ethiopia bound again and this time it is to bring our daughter home for good. Her tiny feet and big eyes will soon be right here under the same roof. We will be a family of six and the Owen will officially be a big brother. It is all really happening and we could not be more thrilled that soon little Ava will be home in our arms where she belongs. 
Our Embassy date was announced yesterday and 
it will be on Monday, August 23rd.
Crazy huh that we work like mad and have to wait wait and wait some more only to then be granted very soon after passing court, a quick embassy date.
We are still soaking it all in around here and wondering how we will get everything ready.

Who knows and in many respects who cares.
Ava will soon be home!
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  1. Kelly Jo
    Kelly Jo says:

    oh, wow!!! that is sooo great!!! i have loved reading your posts…i am a mom of three boys and we are currently working on our dossier to adopt from ethiopia thru agci!! this post makes my heart happy…can't wait to see pics of your little girl!! 🙂

  2. Betsy and the Boys
    Betsy and the Boys says:

    Oh Melanie- I am so thrilled for you, and hoping that maybe, just maybe, this quick turn around will be the norm, not the exception!!
    Can't wait to see pics of Ava!
    ( unofficially #14 for my baby girl! )

  3. Karen and Chris Smith
    Karen and Chris Smith says:

    Amen to that! Who cares! You are going sooner than expected to bring her home. What a thrill! Details be darned….you're bringing her home. That is all that matters. Can't wait for you guys to post new family pics! Karen Smith

  4. Stutzman's Eight By Grace
    Stutzman's Eight By Grace says:

    I am SO thrilled for you! I can't believe how fast that has happened! Wow! Ok-so I have to ask-can you take some more pictures of abby while you are there? I really want to see your baby-email me a pict! Amber

  5. The Raudenbush Family
    The Raudenbush Family says:

    I came across your blog from someone else's blog–so happy for you! Hey, you might want to come check out a new Christian adoption website — there is a room on the forum dedicated to Ethiopian adoptions. Come and join in and get the discussion rolling in there. Hope it becomes a place of mutual encouragement and helpfulness!

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