God’s perfect placement

Yesterday was an ordinary summer day of rain {again} and looking for something to do in the morning with three of my kiddos. We ventured off the library as we are big readers around here and need a few good summer page turners. I forgot the stroller which gave Ava a perfect excuse to walk all over the place. She was unstoppable and big brother Owen was worse than any secret service agent in not letting Ava explore a thing without his approval. I was on a mission to find books for the boys but had to continually remind Owen to let Ava go. She would certainly not hurt anything.

Upon our arrival I noticed another Mom with the most darling boys. Our meeting was a God thing… You see Ava {now 14 months} was so drawn to the little boy {17 months}. She kept walking right up to him and standing eyeball to eyeball. Yes she could eyeball a 17 month boy. She is super tall.  The Mom and I connected immediately and of course her two peanuts were also adopted. It was so much fun to connect at the library and share the stories of how our children came to us. I swear Ava knew and her immediate connection to the boy made the connection to the Mom so easy. Both Ava and her friend had the most gorgeous curls and the most spunky of smiles and walks. They were both all over the library but seemed to be focused on where the other was headed next. God places people in my world. I choose to see things that way. Some may feel that such happenings are simple coincidences but seriously it happens for too often in my life to not be God’s perfect pacement and God’s perfect timing. Next time such a meeting or exchange happens to you try thanking God… just see what happens next. It feels so good to thank HIM in all things.

Last night I read a story about a sweet family who needed to relocate the grave of their son who died prior to bringing him home from Ethiopia through adoption. Their story and their faith are amazing and seeing how God uses HIS people to bring peace to others was finely weaved throughout the perfect placement of friends in Ethiopia who helped them to relocate the grave of their son eight thousand miles away. The gravesite needed to be relocated due to the area being bulldozed and fortuntely someone had let them know. Several wonderful friends with servant hearts did all the work to bring peace to the family here in the states. Can you imagine? Again God places people in our midst for a reason. Choose to see it and your life will be full beyond measure.  Who will you meet today or connect with on a deeper level for the greater good or a purpose that is far greater than anything you might imagine? I love knowing that God orchestrates all of that and more if we just say yes and let HIM.

Here are a few new photos of our sweet baby girl. She has not been so sweet lately. We think she is cutting teeth and all of her new walking has brought on a sense of independence that makes her so eager to go and do on her own… You can see in the second photo that she does not want to be redirected or told no.  It’s just a phase…  and thankfully we have been through such phases before.

Thanks be to God for our bright light and all our joyful blessings!

Stay tuned. The circus show opens tomorrow night and my son is one of the star performers. He has practiced all week long. Can’t wait and hoping I can snag a few pictures.

Peace and love,