I must admit that I often laugh out loud thinking of the many hats we Moms wear. I have technically been a SAHM for ten years now yet I have never had more job duties listed under my title. Back in the day I thought my days were so busy and today I found myself dreaming about what I would do to go back to those professional days if for no other reason than to have days with more time. What I find so interesting about aging and raising a large family of four kiddos is that our territory is now so large. We have many people in our circle, be it family, friends and neighbors and that make for such full lives. Yesterday my daily to do list trumped what some people hope to accomplish in an entire week. I am not one for comparing the motherly workload but then again someday I might just want to recall all the many gifts and blessings that I am granted each day to do what needs to be done for others…

They called before 8am to reschedule my heating maintenance apt. Many others were without heat. I started laundry that needed to be delivered to my Dad who is (scratch that) was recovering at a rehab facility after hip replacement two weeks ago. Now he is at my house. I’ll get to that…

I snagged Ava from her warm bed and bundled her up for a ride to drop off Hayden at school. Little trouper made it through a busy morning with little fuss. We delivered Hayden and decided to do our pre-storm run to the grocery store. It was packed and I have never seen more taco and chili fixins just flying out the door. Ava was delighting all the sweet grandmas who were out preparing for the blizzard of 2011.

As I was checking out, the first panicked call came from my Dad indicating that his benefit  for remaining in a a facility to rehab after his hip replacement was nearly over and he needed to relocate to my house by Thursday. Apparently he had not looked at the radar as we will be lucky to be headed anywhere by tomorrow with 15 fresh inches of snow on the ground.

I made my way home and welcomed a tile man who would be ripping up the floor of our tile shower that was saturated with water. We were within a few days of a potential leak that would have made for a mess in our living room had it leaked all the way through. Thank you to the tile man who six years ago did the floor all wrong! UGH! We had jack hammer strength noise all day but dear Ava she slept right through it.

Next was my short shift at the 5/6 building for the bookfair and the two other Moms and I battled the cash registers the entire time. We cracked up thinking about our college educations and yet we could not even figure out the crazy cash registers. It was a bit like dumb and dumber run the school bookfair and several of the students had their totals all figured out long before we did. 🙂

Next we picked up my Dad, packing him up and getting all the last minute instructions on what to do and what not to do to continue to heal his leg. As I type he is comfy in my lower level and paying a game with Carter. I love listening to Carter explain the directions and I just keep thinking that all the wild activity here has to be better than the somewhat sad environment of the nursing facitlity. Funny how I was so grateful to walk him on out of there but the visits I have de over the past few weeks have given me a whole new perspective on aging. I can only imagine what some endure when they make the decision to place an elderly person or perhaps a sick person in one of those facilities to live out the rest of their years. I do not think I could do it in spite of our busy lives. It broke my heart to see such sadness.

We made our way back toward home to pick up at the bus stop. We were even a few minutes early and we parked and both took a little snooze while listening to the forecast of the impending storm. Next was snack, kids racing outside, neighborhood playdates being formed, working on Valentines, preparing dinner and checking the radar (my kids love this!) Hayden’s soccer game was a go and it was my turn to be able to see him play. We ventured out  just as the snow was beginning to blow sideways.

I left out getting my Dad all set up to live in the basement for a week or two and completing the paint job in Carter’s room. It was a wild ride and by the time the boys all relaxed last night to watch a movie ( thank you FHPS for telling us the night before that schools would be closed)I was ready to pass out! Bob too. Together we are such a strong team and without him to nurture and listen to my thoughts throughout the day I would be so lost. Sometimes we pass in the halls of our home and my heart does a little flip flop because I love him so much. I love all that he is and all the effort he puts into me and into our family!

All the many hats are beyond me some days. Sometimes I do not know which way to turn or what hat to select. I am grateful for my family and my husband and my daily dialogue with a forgiving God. We all do out best even on the crazy days and even on the days when the to do list goes soaring out the window. I was up at 5 a.m this morning watching the plows come through and thinking how amazing it is that we are given new light with each new day. We are given new choices and often fresh attitudes to make it through all life throws are way. So today we enjoy the time at home. The games, the meals, the homework and the prepping for Africa that we all get to do together on this beautiful snow day! Even Dad is home. What a treat!