Haunted by the Horrors in Haiti

I am glued to these pictures and the constant updates on the CNN Anderson Cooper site. I do think he is asking the right questions about why it is so hard to get the aid where it needs to be. It appears that one main problem is that of available doctors and it is imperative that we continue to ask such questions. Where are the medical teams? There are no easy answers but it is tough to just turn off the news and go about our comfortable days.

In our neighborhood and among friends we have been raising funds simply by collecting change. We have a large box on our porch and the generosity has been wonderful. Many families are leaving notes commenting that including the children in the donations has provided perfect teachable moments for our so very fortunate children.

It is the orphans that haunt me. I just wish I could fly in and scoop them up and bring them to a place of safety, clean water, formula and love. They are the most helpless of all the victims and so many Haitian orphans do not even exist at this point due to loss of paperwork in the demolished government buildings. There are no words to summarize the pain and suffering both physical and mental that all those in Haiti are feeling right now. The problems seem almost insurmountable. Pray for the orphans. Pray for the tireless volunteers, pray for those still trapped in the rubble and pray for the Haitian government to do the right thing by their hurting people.