Help me help her {everyone deserves a family…}

To know her is to know I must speak up and out on her behalf.  This new year I am believing that perhaps somebody will see or hear her sweet plea and know she is the child they have waited to parent and love.  As a support person for the Bethany Operation Forever Family Program and Michigan’s waiting youth,  I have been honored to spend time getting to know Tiffany. She is a sweet somewhat shy strawberry blonde young lady who has been waiting five years for a family she can call her own. I want to introduce you to Tiffany and hope that perhaps you or someone you know might feel as I do, that she is worthy and so deserving of a family. Here she is:


Tiffany is seventeen years old and in 10th grade. I would say she is shy but funny with a dry wit and charm. She can be reserved but also playful after getting to know people well.   She loves nature and being out in the woods. On Christmas day we had the honor of hosting Tiffany for the day and we spent a couple of hours on a long walk exploring in the woods. She longs for a parent who could spend more time with her outdoors. She enjoys crafts and discussions about God and where she sees God in her life story both past and present. The conversations we have shared in just a few short months are meaningful and heartfelt and I know Tiffany has so many dreams and desires as she prays for a family to choose her. The more time we spend with Tiffany as her support people the more we all agree that Tiffany would really thrive in a  small family where one or more parents could spend one on one time teaching, sharing and pouring in.

Here is Tiffany’s MARE listing: It’s here you can learn more about who she is but I must warn you that she is far more than this listing can begin to capture in so many wonderful ways…


Adoption from the foster care system is free. Becoming licensed to adopt is also free and includes a home study along with background checks and training. The process generally only takes several months.  If Tiffany were adopted she would receive free medical care and free college tuition within the state of Michigan and she is eligible for monthly support. Not sure how many of us really understand the US foster care  or adoption process so ask away should you have more questions. I am always learning too.

Tiffany has a team of people who know and support her and any and all of us are available for questions. Maybe you would like to learn more about fostering or domestic adoption. We can help. A big eye opener for me has been getting to know both the hope and fears of the children on the verge of aging out when he or she turns 18. Knowing a child like Tiffany will eventually age out of the foster care system without a family or legal support person to call her very own,  is not acceptable. I believe that someone would benefit from loving and nurturing Tiffany as much as she would benefit from a strong and consistent adult or family in her life.

Is God nudging you? Do you know someone who might know someone who should meet Tiffany? Maybe you have an idea of how you can be of help to children like Tiffany waiting on the miracle of a family. If so let’s talk. Adoption, foster care,  sponsorship and mentorship all mean so much to me personally and to my family.   The more we actively get involved in the lives of children in need the more convicted we are that every children deserves a champion to call his or her own.


Please know that I have been granted permission to create this post and share this information from both Tiffany and her team. My hope is that you might do the same. Please share this within your family. Share within your church or wherever you believe together we could find this young lady a family of her own. Join me in trusting that God sets the lonely in families.

Jeremiah 29:11 says:

For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to provide you a hope and a future.  

Peace in the new year ahead,