Helping the Least of These…

A special word from  Tom Davis- 
“Every single person can do one thing to help kids caught in trafficking. Making a commitment to pray is a huge thing because nobody prays for these girls. The key is to get educated then get involved. This is one of the darkest forms of evil in our world, but it’s where our light shines the brightest!”


Not all of us are called or seek to adopt a child in distress but all of us can support those children who need us throughout the world. Consider sponsoring a child and writing to him or her as a family. How about donating to an organization that helps orphaned children to remain safe from the growing trafficking industry. As Tom Davis so eloquently says above, prayer is is something we can ALL do. Pray for the least and the lost. Educate yourself on one of the fastest growing industries in our world, the selling of human beings. It is happening where you least expect it, even here in the USA and we can all help to end such suffering. Here are just a couple of sites/books that have truly encouraged us to act: